The Eucharist, or Holy Communion, is our primary weekly Sunday service.  Our service includes the proclamation of God’s Word and its application for our living.  Music and quiet enhance this time of worship.  It is our hope that one can be strengthened for the Lord’s mission of reaching out to others and building God’s Kingdom.

Our central act of worship is called Holy Eucharist or Holy Communion.  Within the broad Anglican tradition, some emphasize that this service is a memorial, to help us remember the life and deeds of Jesus.  Others emphasize the mystical act of participating in the sacred meal of bread and wine prefigured by Jesus when he said to his disciples, “This [bread] is my body given for you…this [wine] is my blood given for [the sake of] you.”

At St. John’s Church, all baptized Christians are invited to receive communion no matter where life’s journey has taken you.  The Table of the Lord is a table of inclusion.

Those who wish to explore the meaning of the sacrament of baptism or simply the meaning and practice of their spiritual lives are invited to sit down with Fr. John by appointment.  You may contact him via email at: